RiskSpectrum SDP

Supporting your Significance Determination Process

RiskSpectrum SDP is a tool that is designed to support the Significance Determination Process as defined by the NRC( the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission). 

It is a Process for analysing and determining the significance of events that has occured at a facility. 

The user is asked to answer a number of questions about the events being anlysed. Based on the answers, the program stores the events as non-significant or significant events.

If it is of significance, the PSA model in RiskSpectrum PSA can be used for quantifying the impact the event has had on the risk. 


Software In Action


Determining the Nature of the Event

The RiskSpectrum SDP interface consist of windows in which the user is asked a number of questions. The questions are setup by the administrator of the installation and relevant for the unique facility.

Based on the users answers, the event being analysed can be determined to be non-significance or significant to risk. 




Determining the Impact of the Significant Events

RiskSpectrum SDP uses the logical model in RiskSpectrum PSA for evaluating the increase in risk that the events of significance has caused.

The facility´s equipment and system status, at the time of each event, is applied to the PSA model and the risk is quantified for the events. 

One Tool for Documenting and Managing all Events Reported

RiskSpectrum SDP offers a tool for documenting and managing all events that have been reported in a well organised system. Several stations/units of your installations can be included in one instance of the software. 

The RiskSpectrum SDP features can be summarised:

  • Reports and result overview
  • User management system
  • Review and approve
  • Process control/overview
  • Multi language 
  • Browser based system