RiskSpectrum HRA

Standardise your Human Reliability Analysis

RiskSpectrum HRA is a software tool for evaluating and quantifying human failure events (HFE), meeting requirements of ASME PSA Standard and NRC HRA Good Practices.

RiskSpectrum HRA help you standardize your HRA analysis process:
  • Performing and documenting the necessary HRA steps
  • Using the appropriate HRA method
  • Quantify the HFE´s human error probabilities (HEP)

RiskSpectrum HRA includes a number of commonly-used HRA methods, such as THERP, ASEP, HCR/ORE, SPAR-H and HEART, etc.

For each Human Failure Event (HFE) analysed, multiple methods can be used for quantifying the HFE probability and the different results can be compared.


Software In Action


Pre-initiator Human Failure Events

Pre-initiators consist of those actions associated with maintenance and testing (e.g., prior to the initiation of an accident) that degrade system availability.
The pre-initiator HFE calculation methods available in RiskSpectrum HRA are:

  • ASEP
  • Screen Value




Post-initiator Human Failure Events

Human failure events that represent the impact of human errors committed during actions performed in response to an accident
The post-initiator HFE calculation methods available in RiskSpectrum HRA are:

  • ASEP
  • SPAR-H
  • Screen Value


Integration with RiskSpectrum PSA

Human Error Basic Events based on pre- and post-initiator Human Failure Events can be generated and exported to RiskSpectrum PSA using MS Excel RiskSpectrum PSA import format