RiskSpectrum PSA Macro

Graphical editing, Import and Scripting language tool

RiskSpectrum PSA Macro

RiskSpectrum PSA Macro enables you to write scripts that execute operations in RiskSpectrum PSA, such as adding and deleting records, editing relations between records, etc.

You can create reusable scripts to achieve e.g. changing fault tree structure uniformly, import data and export data.

RiskSpectrum PSA Macro provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for RiskSpectrum PSA. It makes use of the “PowerShell” script engine. An embedded command-line shell available in Windows.


1. Automate repetitive tasks: save time

2. Automate changes affecting many records: quality and speed

3. Transfer data from the PSA model into documentation: keep documentation up to date


Software In Action


Replace basic events  with a Branch

As an example, say you want to replace a Basic Event with a branch including the same Basic Event and some logic and some more events.

This would be a daunting task if you have a large PSA model with the Basic Event in question appearing in many places in the model. With RiskSpectrum PSA Macro this can easily be done with a script following an algortihm that looks like this: 

  • Find BE ”ACP-DG01-A”
  • Delete BE
  • Add ”OR” gate and add back the BE
  • Add ”AND” Gate and seismic HE and fragility

In RiskSpectrum Model Compare the result would be shown looking like the image on the right. The red event has been deleted (the Basic Event ACP-DG01-A) and all the green events have been added.