The complete software solution for risk, reliability and availability analysis.

Risk, Reliability & Availability Analysis

Whether you need to meet the reliability and availability requirements when designing a diversified system for power supply, looking to increase the availability of your manufacturing process or improving the reliability of a hydraulic system -  RiskSpectrum has the tools. 

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Probabilistic Safety Assessement (PSA)

RiskSpectrum software provides tools for analysing, quantifying, monitoring and managing risk for operators in safety-critical industries . Read more about the tools that 60% of the world´s nuclear power plants use for continued safe operations. 

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Latest News

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We are excited to announce our collaboration with FRI3D from Centroid LAB. FRI3D offers an integrated, easy-to-use, accurate, cost-effective, one-stop solution for fire modelling simulation and risk analysis with state-of-the-art visualizations to more effectively manage fire risk.

FRI3D is an integrated fire modelling and visualization platform for analyzing fire scenarios, integrating the key aspects of fire logic model, plant model, spatial data, and fire simulation into a single easy-to-use platform.

Today we announce the collaboration between FRI3D and RiskSpectrum that will make your toolbox for fire PSA complete.

After using FRI3D for modelling and analyzing fire scenarios at your plant you can, through the interface developed for importing the data to RiskSpectrum PSA complete your fire PSA with all scenarios relevant for your PSA model and evaluate and manage the scenarios easily.

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