RiskSpectrum ModelBuilder

A unique risk- and reliability platform

RiskSpectrum ModelBuilder

RiskSpectrum ModelBuilder is a software tool for
  • creating and…
  • maintaining risk-, reliability- and availability models

It is a workbench for non-experts to carry out advance analyses making it possible to model your system close to its design. It provides a closer link between your system and the safety model (digital twin)


Software In Action



Create a single, central repository of asset properties and risk models that everyone can use.

Systems, equipment and their functional properties are defined and maintained in the ModelBuilder´s Knowledge Base (KB)

The KB is like a template for equipment and systems

E.g. for a pump:

  • Failure modes
  • Reliability data
  • Configurations
  • Dependencies (power supply, signal system, etc)


Build and update risk and reliability models faster using RiskSpectrum ModelBuilder’s graphical user interface. 

The ModelBuilder´s graphical user interface is used for creating/importing drawings, (e.g. P&ID, I&C, electrical single line diagram, etc) by pulling in objects defined in the Knowledge Base



Fault trees are automatically generated from the ModelBuilder and exported to RiskSpectrum PSA


Run the built-in Monte Carlo simulation tool YAMS to calculate your system's reliability and availability