Reliability and Risk Data Collection and Analysis Tool
Reliability Data Analysis Tool (R-DAT)

R-DAT is a central tool for collecting and analyzing risk and reliability data. It employes powerful Bayesian techniques on an easy-to-use software platform. Reliability data generated in R-DAT can be imported to reliability parameters in RiskSpectrum PSA. 

RiskSpectrum AB and Prediction Technologies Inc. (the developer of R-DAT) have a long history of co-operation. 

Use R-DAT To:

  • Store and Organize Raw System-Specific Data
  • Store and Organize Generic Raw Data
  • Develop System-Specific Reliability Parameters (e.g., Failure Rate Distributions)
  • Develop Generic Distributions
  • Understand and Interpret Results Using Powerful Graphical Displays


Software In Action


Developing System Specific Failure Rate Distribution

  • Select prior distribution type
  • Select prior input mode
  • Specify the prior parameters
  • Specify system-specific data
  • Perform Bayesian updating

Export results to RiskSpectrum PSA

  • Data exporting at Project/Sub System/Item Level
  • Excel format supported at all levels
  • A user friendly feature to allow RDAT analysis results to be exported into excel format required by RiskSpectrum PSA