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RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 and Macro Language is released (15.04.2019)

RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3 is released! (27.08.2015)

RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3 is a major update of and is distrubuted to all RiskSpectrum PSA licensees with a valid Maintenance & Support agreement.

No Hassle with HazardLite (27.01.2014)

The first version of RiskSpectrum HazardLite was released December 2013!

RiskSpectrum PSA version 1.2 released (11.01.2013)

RiskSpectrum RSAT 3.1.0 is released (02.05.2011)

Release RiskSpectrum RiskWatcher 1.24 (21.02.2011)

February 2011

Download your update of RiskSpectrum PSA! (24.11.2010)

RiskSpectrum RiskWatcher Users Group Meeting (02.11.2010)

A RiskSpectrum RiskWatcher Users Group Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary at the Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency 21-22 October.

RiskSpectrum Doc version 1.1.0 is released (19.10.2010)

The Annual International RiskSpectrum Users Group Meeting 2010 (18.10.2010)

RiskSpectrum Training Course, Stockholm December 2010 (23.09.2010)

RiskSpectrum User Group Meeting, London October 2010 (23.09.2010)

New version RiskSpectrum PSA and FTA available for download (12.07.2010)

Stockholm July 2010

RiskSpectrum PSA version 1.1 has been released! (23.10.2009)

Stockholm 1 October 2009

RiskSpectrum User Group Meeting China April 2009 (30.04.2009)

The 2nd China RiskSpectrum® User Meeting was held on April 22 to 23, 2009 in Beijing at the offices of Scandpower Risk Management China Inc.

RiskSpectrum User Group Meeting USA January 2009 (31.01.2009)

The 1st U.S. RiskSpectrum® Users Group Meeting & Risk Management Seminar hosted by Scandpower Risk Management, Inc. took place 14-15 January, 2009 in Houston, Texas, USA. The meeting included many interesting presentations and discussions.

Papers and Boat Cruise at PSAM (01.06.2008)

Relcon Scandpower AB (Sweden), Scandpower Risk Management China Inc. and Scandpower Risk Management USA, Inc, in a joint effort, presented 11 papers at the PSAM 9 conference in Hong Kong 18 – 23 May 2008. Nine Scandpower employees attended, including CEO Björn Inge Bakken. Relcon Scandpower also had a stand in the exhibition area of the conference.

Release of RiskSpectrum PSA (01.01.2008)

We can after four years of development, testing, further development, retesting, etc finally announce the release of RiskSpectrum PSA!

Notes from RiskSpectrum User Meetings (28.10.2007)

The purpose of the user meetings is to present ongoing software development projects at Relcon Scandpower, report and discuss know problems and feature requests and we try to also include a presentation on special PSA related topic, either by Relcon Scandpower staff or invited lecturers. The meetings are usually very lively with many good discussions. They are held exclusively for RiskSpectrum licensees and there is no fee involved.