RiskSpectrum Magazine

RiskSpectrum Magazine

RiskSpectrum Magazine is published by Lloyd´s Register and is distributed to subscriber in 72 countries world-wide. The magazine serves three purposes:

  • Keep our customers informed of the latest development of RiskSpectrum products.
  • Serve as a forum for publishing ours and our customers ideas and views in PSA-related issues.
  • Complement our product brochures and information flyers.

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RiskSpectrum Magazine PSAM13

  • PSAM13 conference in Seoul, South Korea September 2016
  • Risk monitor success stories
  • RiskSpectrum 30 years!

RiskSpectrum Magazine PSAM12 Special

  • PSAM12 conference in Honolulu June 2014
  • Risk sharing in a globailized economy
  • A postcard from Japan - Wither to restart
  • RiskWatcher implementations at NPPs

RiskSpectrum Magazine PSAM11 & ESREL 2012 Special

  • PSAM11 & ESREL conference in Helsinki June 2012
  • Improved methods for monitoring performance of Blow Out Preventers
  • RiskSpectrum Hazard Lite - Seismic PSA made simple
  • Software News/Development
  • Multi-Dimensional BC Sets

RiskSpectrum Magazine March 2011 - PSA 2011 Special

  • PSA 2011 in Wilmington, NC, USA - From Technical Methods to practical tools
  • U.S. Governement Assistant Secretary Nuclear Energy Dr. Peter Lyons on the future of Nuclear Power in the USA
  • Developing emergency guidelines with PSA
  • Software News/Development
  • Data Analysis - Part two, A clash of objectives

RiskSpectrum Magazine June 2010 - PSAM 10 Special

  • Nuclear phase-out: Developments in Belgium, Germany & Spain
  • Transmission & distribution in focus at POWERGRID Europe
  • Software News/Development
  • New RiskWatcher with Chinese help
  • RiskSpectrum HRA
  • New basic event relations
  • QA in RiskSpectrum
  • Data Analysis - Part one, Do you sample your data correctly?

RiskSpectrum Magazine June 2009

  • Relcon Scandpower celebrates 25 years of risk management.
  • Interviews with new and old employees.
  • Karl Fleming gives us a history lesson in PSA.
  • Six prominent people in risk management summarizes important events from past and important issues for the future.

RiskSpectrum Magazine PSA 2008 special

  • Focus on USA - Facts and Interviews
  • Scandpower Mans up in the USA
  • Nuclear Waste - Interviews and Facts
  • PSA/Station documentation - RiskSpectrum Doc Keeps Both Aligned

RiskSpectrum Magazine 2008 PSAM 9 issue

  • China in Focus - Facts and Interviews
  • Scandpower and the Nuclear Renaissance
  • IAEA Views on the Open PSA Forum
  • How To: How to Build Your PSA Model for Speed!

RiskSpectrum Magazine 2008 Special RiskSpectrum PSA Edition

  • Software Update - RiskSpectrum PSA Reborn!
  • The RiskSpectrum PSA Project
  • News in RiskSpectrum PSA

RiskSpectrum Magazine 2006 - PSAM 8

  • Natural disasters
  • How To: Fire PSA
  • Seismic PSA