March 2017: 19:th record not imported 
<P>If there are exactly 19 records in any of the work sheets (HazardBE, Hazard, Fragility, Combination) in the input excel file, HazardLite 1.2 will only list the first 18 records in the HazardLite GUI. The calculation is based on the records presented in the GUI which means that the 19:th record would be missed in the processing.
It happens when the number of records is exactly 19, which is the default row count shown in each table in the GUI, and it will not have a problem if the number of records in the Excel input file is less than or more than 19.
This does not affect the data in the input excel file, the 19th record is still stored in the input file.</P> 
<P>A work around is to avoid having 19 records in one table, or if that is the case, to add one more dummy record in the excel table and remove it from the GUI in HazardLite, then all 19 records will be taken in the calculation.</P> 
Under development 
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