December 2016: Problem merging MCS lists with more CCF events than Basic Events 
RSAT might crash when merging cutset lists (using MCS Analysis Case) if there are more CCF events in a result file (to be merged in the MCS analysis case) than there are Basic events. Also, incorrect memory handling during the cutoff increase procedure leads to a crash if the merging process uses up all memory allocated to the RSAT program. There is also a hypothetical possibility that incorrect indexing of CCF events might lead to spurious identification of different sub-modules to a success module. This could, in its turn, lead to incorrect success module quantification in importance, uncertainty and time-dependent analyses. A detailed analysis of the code shows that this requires coincidence of several very improbable events. We believe that this coincidence is practically excluded in real-life models. 
Fixed in 3.4.0 
RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT)