2 June 2014: Incorrect value for basic events used in BE-BE relations 
You can use BE-BE relations for defining that the probability or frequency of a basic event shall be calculated using a formula including other basic events probabilities or frequencies. A bug has however been identified in RSAT version 3.2.3 which might generate incorrect values for basic events defined in the BE-BE relation dialog. This error only occurs when there are at least one of the basic events that you have defined in the BE-BE relation dialog that are not part of the analysis, i.e. are not in the fault trees nor used as exchanged events for basic event in these fault trees. If you use BE-BE relations in your analyses, we recommend that you check values of basic events with BE-BE relations in MCS Editor. 
Make sure to generate the BE-out text file when you run an analysis (setting in your analysis case). The program will then create a list of all basic events included in the analysis (included in the pruned Master Fault Tree). The bug has not caused any errors in the calculations if you can find all basic events you have included in your BE-BE relations dialog in the BE-out text file. If you cannot find them there you need to check the values in the BE-out text file of the other basic events that you have defined in the BE-BE relations dialog. They may be incorrect. 
Fixed in 3.2.5 
RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT)