Incorrect importance and potentially top results in MCS Analysis Case 
Incorrect results for importance, uncertainty and time dependent analysis may be produced when you run a MCS analysis case with one or many MCS lists that include success events, i.e. successful Function Events in a success path in an event tree. Incorrect quantification can also happen if one MCS analysis case is built on another MCS analysis case, and the analysis includes success modules. But it only happens if these success events includes modules. There is no problem if they don´t. Please note that you will only produce success events if you run Sequence Analysis Case or Consequence Analysis Case with the setting Log. and Simple Quant in the Analysis Case Specification or in Function Events. It is however difficult to know if a success event in an MCS lists includes modules. You cannot tell by merely looking at the MCS. The quantification in the Sequence Analysis Case and Consequence Analysis Case cases are correct, as well as the MCS analysis cases not including the success module. 
The recommendation is to NOT use the importance, uncertainty and time dependent analysis in MCS Analysis Cases with MCS results generated in sequence or consequence analysis cases that includes successful function events. 
Fixed in 3.2.3 
RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT)