Jan 2016: Corrupted branch points when using branch point alternatives 
RSAT can, in some cases, produce incorrect results when analyzing event trees with function events that have more than one input alternative used in event trees. The problem relates to branch points with failure branch(es) using other than the first input alternative. Sequences that pass through these branch points might use incorrect input alternatives for the success branch. This means that the logic for the function event success branch might be incorrect. 
It is unfortunately not possible to detect corrupted branch points in RiskSpectrum PSA. Instead we have compiled a Model Diagnostic Tool with which you can find all corrupted branch points in your model. You can download the diagnostic tool from the Software Download link to the left. Click the Tools link. A new version of RSAT that will fix the problem will soon be released. It is not possible to manually fix the problem in RiskSpectrum PSA. 
Fixed in 3.2.6 
RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT)