December 2015: Incorrect calculation of success module in MCS Analysis Case 
RSAT might crash or quantify success modules incorrectly in special situations when running MCS analysis cases. The necessary condition for this bug is that some of the success modules are empty (module probability is 1). Furthermore, to trigger this bug, one has to run an analysis based on the results of an MCS analysis case. Such analyses might be uncertainty, importance, time-dependent analysis, post-processing or further MCS analysis case. In these consecutive analysis cases, success modules will be quantified incorrectly or the analysis might crash. A success module is empty when there are no cutsets generated from the function event(s) with Logical and Simple Quantitative success treatment which succeeded in a sequence. One possible reason for this might be that all cutsets generated from these function events have a very small probability (smaller than 1.0E-5). 
One way to avoid this problem is to re-generate the MCS list using Logical ET Success setting so that no success modules are generated at all. 
Fixed in 3.2.6 
RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT)