Version Status Title
3.4.0 Under development December 2017: Incorrect cutoff when calculating W
3.4.0 Under development December 2017: Empty BC Sets can cause problems
3.3.0 Fixed in 3.4.0 December 2016: Problem merging MCS lists with more CCF events than Basic Events
3.2.7 Fixed in 3.3.0 July 2016: Application of BC sets for the success logic is sensitive to the order of failure branches with multiple failure alternatives.
3.2.6 Fixed in 3.3.0 March 2016: Problems using Consequences as initiating event
3.2.5 Under development Feb 2016: CCF Events set to true have no effect
3.2.5 Under development Feb 2016: Problems calculating 2nd and 3rd order approximation with MUX events
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.3.0 Feb 2016: Importance analysis of event groups does not include events from attributes
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.2.7 Feb 2016: Exchanges not made in event tree sequences
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.2.6 Jan 2016: Corrupted branch points when using branch point alternatives
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.3.0 December 2015: Incorrect use of Function Event status
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.2.6 December 2015: Incorrect calculation of success module in MCS Analysis Case
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.2.7 November 2015: Minimal cutsets deleted when mixing frequency and probability events
3.2.5 Solved September 2015: Problems using Simple quant in RiskWatcher
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.3.0 Aug 2015: Handling of missing event trees in ET linking with Inherit BC Sets
3.2.5 Fixed in 3.3.0 Aug 2015: Non-minimal cutsets using Simple Quantitative
3.2.4 Fixed in 3.2.7 February 2015: Setting IE to state False/True has no effect at inherit
3.2.4 Fixed in 3.2.5 2 June 2014: Incorrect value for basic events used in BE-BE relations
3.2.2 Fixed in 3.3.0 15 October 2013: RSAT applies cut off differently in PSA and PSAP
3.2.2 Fixed in 3.3.0 25 Sept 2013: Exchanges are not done for analysis cases without BC set
3.2.2 Fixed in 3.2.3 FTAP format cannot be processed by RSAT
3.2.2 Fixed in 3.3.0 MUX between sequences is not treated correctly if the initiating event is a probability
3.2.2 Fixed in 3.2.3 Incorrect importance and potentially top results in MCS Analysis Case
3.0.0 Fixed in 3.2.2 Linked Event Trees