Click the button 'Login', to the right, to access the Support pages. You can find the Web-Login code (8 characters) in the delivery specification in the box we have delivered RiskSpectrum to you. You use the Web-login code both as "Name" and "Password".

What´s included in the Maintenance & Support agreement?

RiskSpectrum licensees holding a Maintenance & Support agreement with us have free access to continuing future updates of the RiskSpectrum application, i.e. such changes that improve the functions inherent in the application.

User support
The Maintenance & Support agreement include the right to a user support, either using the e-mail address: or telephone, in questions regarding the use of RiskSpectrum software.

Please use the following telephone numbers for technical support:
Asia and Americas: +1-713-489-3995
Europe and Africa: +44-203-608-8024


A holder of a Maintenance & Support agreement is offered to buy additional copies or upgrade to another program version at a significant discount.