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RiskSpectrum User Group Meeting China April 2009

The 2nd China RiskSpectrum® User Meeting was held on April 22 to 23, 2009 in Beijing at the offices of Scandpower Risk Management China Inc.

Same as our first meeting held in May 2008, the user meeting was very successful and well attended. A total of 21 participants from 8 RiskSpectrum licensed organizations attended the user meeting. 6 presentations about RiskSpectrum software development plan, RiskSpectrum PSA New version Q&A, RiskWatcher Chinese Version, RiskSpectrum .Doc, etc. were presented by Johan Sorman, Xuhong He and Hao Zheng. Open sections were arranged for free discussions about problems (bugs) and questions in use of RiskSpectrum software tools in daily PSA practices.

The user meeting was appreciated by all participants as a good platform for face-to-face technical discussions as well as PSA information exchanges among different organizations. Our close relation with RiskSpectrum users was obviously further reinforced with all participants. Several potential sales and co-operations were briefly discussed and will be further followed.

The user meeting was hold in an open and friendly environment. It is our feeling that RiskSpectrum family is being built in China and we are certainly holding the roles as the family head.