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RiskSpectrum User Group Meeting USA January 2009

The 1st U.S. RiskSpectrum® Users Group Meeting & Risk Management Seminar hosted by Scandpower Risk Management, Inc. took place 14-15 January, 2009 in Houston, Texas, USA. The meeting included many interesting presentations and discussions.

Except for presentations about the latest development in RiskSpectrum software as traditionally held at RiskSpectrum users group meetings, the participants had the privilege to learn from the following presentations:

  • Standard for PSA for Advanced Non-LWR Nuclear Power Plants by Karl Fleming (SRM, Inc., Associate Consultant)
  • U.S. Utility Perspective on RiskSpectrum® & Risk-informed PSA applications by Robert Lindquist/Tom Hook (Arizona Public Service)
  • Passive Component Reliability Analysis for PSA Applications by Bengt Lydell (SRM, Inc.)
  • Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) Project. A Status Report by Karl Fleming (SRM, Inc., Associate Consultant)
  • RISMET Project, the International RI-ISI Methodology Benchmark Study by Bengt Lydell (SRM, Inc.)