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RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 and Macro Language is released

To celebrate the release of RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4, we are offering a time-limited offer on an upgrade to a Server licence. During April & May 2019, you can benefit from a massive 40% discount on the cost of upgrading your company’s stand-alone licence to a server licence.

We've added more features to our industry-leading risk assessment software, including an update of the embedded modules. Together with the release of RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 we also release a brand new tool called RiskSpectrum Macro Language.

RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 offers several new features such as:

  • the refresh all functionality, multiple tagging colours, improvements in the MCS editor, extension of the MS Excel import functionality (e.g. post processing),
  • visualisation of the success module,
  • strengthened calculation capabilities,
  • change to 64 bit architecture and a brand new licensing system.

RiskSpectrum Macro Language offers a completely new way of building, updating and retrieving data from the PSA model. It combines the power of MS PowerShell with most of the functionality in RiskSpectrum PSA to enable you to write your own scripts. The Macro Language will change the way routine tasks and mass operations are performed. Using scripts will provide accurate documentation of the actions performed. Together with the previously introduced Model Compare tool, this announcement is another step in improving the quality assurance of PSA modelling. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for further information on the Macro Language tool.

RiskSpectrum PSA and RiskSpectrum Macro Language have been developed using the NET framework 4.6.1 to work with MS Windows 7, 8 and 10.
A new licensing system (LiMBR) will be used for RiskSpectrum PSA and Macro Language and will replace the HASP key system. Using RiskSpectrum software will no longer require a hardware key, thereby simplifying its use. The addition of a server license, together with the LiMBR licensing, will further enhance the flexibility for our users. Please read more about the licensing system here.