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RSAT 3.4.4 released (PSA 1.4.0 / RSAT 3.4.4)

A RSAT patch release to RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 is now available. The patch updates RSAT only.

RSAT 3.4.4 resolves the identified issue regarding special cases of MUX quantification. The issue relates to partitioning of the MCS list into groups (MUX).

The most likely effect of the issue is triggered by analyses where the MCS list contains only one event from a MUX group represented in the MCS list. This could cause the algorithm to incorrectly throw an error message "ERROR: There are too many MCUB groups as a consequence of too many MUX events." This will stop the calculation. Alternatively, it could cause an unexpected termination of RSAT.

There is a very rare situation where the issue can cause that MCSs are assigned to the wrong MUX group. This would have the effect that MCUB would apply between MCSs, which should be summed up. The impact of this very rare situation would hence be a slight underestimation of the combination. In normal cases where the conditional probability is low (frequency event excluded from cut set) this has a negligible impact. All regression tests performed by LR has shown no difference in results due to this issue.

The patch release (a zip file and a pdf) can be downloaded here: