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Papers and Boat Cruise at PSAM

Relcon Scandpower AB (Sweden), Scandpower Risk Management China Inc. and Scandpower Risk Management USA, Inc, in a joint effort, presented 11 papers at the PSAM 9 conference in Hong Kong 18 – 23 May 2008. Nine Scandpower employees attended, including CEO Björn Inge Bakken. Relcon Scandpower also had a stand in the exhibition area of the conference.

On the 20:th of May we threw a dinner party for our friends from the conference on the Aqua Luna (a traditional Chinese junk). The rain was pouring down and there was a strong tropical breeze as we were sailing on the Bay of Hong Kong. In spite of the terrible external conditions, people were very happy and the ship offered a cosy shelter inside bringing us all close together.

Aqua Luna

The Aqua Luna in Hong Kong


Facts PSAM

The objective of the PSAM (Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management) conferences is to promote rational decision making to assure safety and reliability, and to optimize the use of resources for complex systems. This is to be achieved through the use of risk assessment and management methods.