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Notes from RiskSpectrum User Meetings

The purpose of the user meetings is to present ongoing software development projects at Relcon Scandpower, report and discuss know problems and feature requests and we try to also include a presentation on special PSA related topic, either by Relcon Scandpower staff or invited lecturers. The meetings are usually very lively with many good discussions. They are held exclusively for RiskSpectrum licensees and there is no fee involved.

Notes from meetings 2006 & 2007:

RiskSpectrum PSA Professional and RiskSpectrum PSA (RS32):

The following feature requests has come up at meetings and we have added to our bug and feature request reporting system at Relcon Scandpower. They are processed according to our development plan (ranked and prioritised).

  • Improved result presentation, e.g. what HE and Exchange Events was made, etc.
  • Colours also in printing (Tag, True, False)
  • Advanced filter function in quick filter (F2). This is available in RiskSpectrum PSA Professional and will also be implemented in RS32.
  • Review marks in FT pages (not only colours). Ideas on how these marks should look like are welcomed.
  • Add a possibility to choose predefined filters for Analysis Cases and Analysis Results, e.g. all Analysis Cases with results.
  • A tool for comparing projects.
  • Keep date of records when importing a project or part of a project. By default, the date of records that are imported is changed to the date of the import. We are not convinced that it should be handled in any other way. For RS32 we will however consider making this optional.
  • More flexible CCF modelling.


At presentations of this newly developed tool (read more...) some questions have come up:

Will links in Word and pdf-document be active in the PSADoc interface?

We will implement the possibility to open external documents included in a PSADoc project using the program they were created in. So if you have a pdf document included as an external document in PSADoc you can choose to open it from PSADoc using Acrobat reader installed on your computer. You can also just open them in the PSADoc interface, but here links will not be active since PSADoc only include a viewer of documents.

It would be nice to be able to choose the location of the external docs.

Agreed! We will look into the possibility to include this possibility. At present all External documents are placed all in the same subfolder where the program is installed.

Is it possible to track changes and to somehow filter what has been changed in the PSA model?

Yes. In PSADoc you can produce lists of records that have been changed in the PSA model and the documents in PSADoc it affects. There is also a review model in PSADoc so you can set status of all records, Reviewed and Approved.