RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3

RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3 is a major update of and is distrubuted to all RiskSpectrum PSA licensees with a valid Maintenance & Support agreement

Updates for support of Windows 8

RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0 is designed to be used on PCs with Windows 8. This requires that the software includes an update to SQL Server 2012. As a result of this follows that:

· The SQL Server instance for RiskSpectrum PSA is updated
· RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0 will not run on Windows XP (the SQL Server 2012 cannot be installed here)
· A project opened in PSA 1.3.0's SQL Server 2012 will not be possible to open in older PSA versions due to limitations in backward compatibility between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2012

Model Integrity Check

A new validation function that checks the model against corrupt record data is now available in RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0.

Project Bound Settings, Mux Sets, BEBE-Relations and User Defined Uncertainty files within the PSA Model

For RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0, it is possible to not only edit the RSAT Analysis Settings from within PSA, but the settings are now also bound to the project model.

In RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0, defining MUX Sets and BE-BE Relations is made from within the PSA and stored in the projects model. This is further described in Edit MUX Sets and Edit BE-BE Relations. It is also possible to store user defined uncertainty files into the PSA model User Defined Uncertainty Files .

Extended Event Tree Functionality
The overview of event trees and linked event trees is improved in RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0 by a new Event Tree viewer presentation, Event Tree Viewer. Additionally to this, it is also possible to jump between linked event trees for faster navigation, described in Jump in Event Tree. The clarity of the connections between fault trees and initiating/function events in event trees is improved by a new right-click alternative in the Fault Tree Editor. A helper function Add Subsequent Event Trees, for verifying the including of event trees in a consequence analysis case, is also available in RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0.

Extended CCF Alpha Models
Additional CCF Models are available in RiskSpectrum PSA 1.3.0. More information about Alpha 8 Factor and staggered Alpha Factor models can be found in Create CCF Group.

Other New Features

  • Setting trees' alignment simultaneously: It is added the possibility to set fault trees and event trees alignment for a selection of many trees in the fault tree and event tree lists simultaneously to make the alignment settings faster to change.
  • Clarification of project in saved file: When using the "Save Tag info to File" option, the information of project name is added.
  • Additional predefined filters: In PSA 1.3.0, three new predefined filters are added. Two of them exists for analysis cases and are filtering out analysis cases depending on their inclusion in other (MCS) analysis cases. The third new predefined filter is used to select out house events with no exchange events records, i.e. that do not serve as a condition in any exchange event.
  • Improvements in the exception handling: The message displayed to inform the user that an exception has occurred is updated with some more information included to make it easier to provide a fast support answer. 
  • Tree Editor Node panel: New options for docking the Tree Editor Node panel to the right at start up are added. This makes it possible to always present the Tree Editor Node panel to the right of the tree list automatically.