LiMBR licensing

LiMBR licensing options for RiskSpectrum PSA

The licensing of RiskSpectrum PSA using LiMBR system is based on a software based licensing system. The licensing system allows two types of licenses:

  • Server license
  • Stand-alone license

The two types of licenses are presented below. You can also find information about the licensing system in the RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4.0 getting started.

To celebrate the release of RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4, we are offering a time-limited offer on an upgrade to a Server licence.  During April & May 2019, you can benefit from a massive 40% discount on the cost of upgrading your company’s stand-alone licence to a server licence.

By upgrading to a server licence, you can easily enhance the productivity of your team, by enabling concurrent usage on any PC in your network. Not only is this convenient, it also ensures that you are never far from using the full features and functionality of RiskSpectrum PSA 1.4. 

Once you have installed and launched RiskSpectrum PSA on a PC on your network, the license server will automatically give permission to the user to run the software on the PC and block on user. The Server License also allows you to "borrow" a license from the Server if one of your engineers needs to work off-line. The Server License solution is easy to administer and until 31st May is available at a 40% discount.  Contact to take advantage of this limited offer.

Server licence

The server license is a flexible licensing approach. The licenses are stored on a license server, and when RiskSpectrum PSA is started, it will invoke the use of one seat from the server. That seat is then considered busy, and is not available to other users. As soon as the software is closed, the license is returned to the license server and is available to any other user with access to the license server. The license server can be used from one seat up to as many seats as purchased by the company.

You can also borrow a license from the license server, if you will need to work remote (e.g. business trip or from home). This will temporarily reduce the amount of licenses available on the network and store it locally on the computer that borrowed the license.

Server license is required to run remote desktop or virtual machines.

Using server license every instance of RiskSpectrum PSA will invoke the use of one seat. This is needed to manage virtual machines and remote desktop. However, if you are working locally on a normal computer you can borrow a license to the computer and with a borrowed license it is possible to start several instances on the same computer.

The server license requires a license file uploaded onto the license server. Licenses will be automatically managed on the local computers (once the connection to the license server is defined). The license files are generated by our 24/7 support team.

Stand-alone licence

A stand-alone license is a local license for an individual computer. Using the local license the user can activate the software on the computer. It is possible to activate several instances of the software simultaneously.

The stand-alone license cannot be used to run remote desktop or virtual machines.

The stand-alone license is activated by a file that is uploaded on the local computer.

It is possible to move stand-alone licenses between different computers. To do this, you need first to inactivate the license on the local computer and then contact LR support to generate a new license file that can be uploaded on another computer. The license files are generated by our 24/7 support team. You can move a stand-alone license in between computers 4 times a year without cost. Further transfer of stand-alone licenses will be subject to an administrative fee.