RiskSpectrum PSA

RiskSpectrum® PSA is an advanced fault tree and event tree software tool licensed for use at more than half of the world's nuclear power plants

RiskSpectrum PSA offers an intuitive user interface for modelling everything from the basic fault tree with AND and OR-gates to advanced fault tree and event tree integration of sequences in linked event trees with boundary conditions and CCF events.

The latest version, RiskSpectrum PSA version 1.4.0, was released May 2019. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for more information and quotation.

The RiskSpectrum PSA Software includes the following tools:
-RiskSpectrum PSA, the fault tree and event tree modelling tool
-RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT) the calculation engine
-MCS Editor
-MCS Tracer
-MCS BDD (Binary Decision Diagram)
-Model Compare, a tool for comparing PSA models.

We also offer a viewer version of RiskSpectrum PSA. With this software you can open any .rpp project. You can only view the contents - nothing can be edited and you cannot run analyses. The RiskSpectrum PSA Viewer is distributed free of charge for RiskSpectrum PSA licensees with a valid maintenance & support agreement. Send us an e-mail an we will send you a copy of it.