RiskSpectrum HRA

RiskSpectrum HRA is a human reliability analysis tool to evaluate and quantify the probability of human errors.

RiskSpectrum HRA helps you standardize your HRA analysis process: by going through necessary steps to generate human error probabilities for human failure events, and to document important assumptions, conditions, inputs and results in the HRA process at the same time. With the tool you can consistently conduct HRA and produce results of high quality, good traceability and documentation.

RiskSpectrum HRA can help your HRA analysis meet the requirements of the ASME PSA Standard and NRC HRA Good Practices. RiskSpectrum HRA includes a number of commonly-used HRA methods, such as THERP, ASEP, HCR/ORE, SPAR-H and HEART, etc.

For each human failure event, multiple methods can be used in quantification. Different results from different methods could therefore be compared. Conservative screening value can be defined and assigned to the selected human failure events.

RiskSpectrum HRA 1.0 was released in January 2013. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for a quotation.

Download RiskSpectrum HRA slide-show (Zipped, requires MS Power Point)