RiskSpectrum FTA

RiskSpectrum® FTA is an advanced fault tree software tool

RiskSpectrum FTA is a very advanced product for fault tree analysis. It is the choice for anybody who needs a powerful fault tree software, but who does not need the full-scope PSA features offered in RiskSpectrum PSA. You can use RiskSpectrum FTA for modelling everything from the basic fault tree with AND and OR-gates to advanced fault trees with boundary conditions and CCF events.
The integrated analysis tool (RSAT) is specially designed for solving large PSA model and offers MCS (Minimal Cut Set), BDD, Sensitivity, Importance and Time dependent Analysis. RiskSpectrum PSA also includes the RiskSpectrum MCS editor and an advanced Post Processing function.

RiskSpectrum FTA version 1.3.2 was released in November 2016. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for more information and quotation.

The RiskSpectrum FTA Software includes the following tools:
-RiskSpectrum FTA, fault tree modelling tool
-RiskSpectrum Analysis Tools (RSAT) the calculation engine
-MCS Editor
-MCS Tracer
-MCS BDD (Binary Decision Diagram)
-Model Compare, a tool for comparing FTA models.