RiskSpectrum FMEA

RiskSpectrum® FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) helps you analyse, document and quality assure the input to your fault tree model

FMEA is an important tool, which facilitates the quality assurance process by providing a readily traceable means of documenting important information for components (modelling assumptions etc.,) when performing a risk and availability analysis. Another advantage with a FMEA is that you get a structured list of the effects the postulated failures may have upon the system being analysed.
RiskSpectrum FMEA helps you analyse and document failures in systems being analysed. In addition it automatically generates basic events and parameters, which you can export directly into your RiskSpectrum FTA or PSA fault tree model.

• Create your Components with unique IDs, and other relevant information, such as component type, test interval, time to first test and mission time.
• Create component FMEA records for each component with failure modes, failure effects and reliability models.
• Store your failure data, such as probability, failure intensity and frequency for each component type.
• Automatically generate basic events with associated parameters and export to your RiskSpectrum FTA or PSA project.

Download RiskSpectrum FMEA slide-show (Zipped, requires MS Power Point)

Download trial version of RiskSpectrum FMEA

The latest version, RiskSpectrum FMEA version 1.1, was released September 2009. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for more information and quotation.