RiskSpectrum Doc

Manage your Fault & Event Tree model documentation and quickly produce reports with RiskSpectrum® Doc

RiskSpectrum Doc enhances and simplifies management of Fault Tree and Event Tree documentation and reporting by establishing direct links between existing or new documentation and the Fault Tree and Event Tree model .

RiskSpectrum Doc is a tool designed for managing documentation already in place, but can also replace an existing documentation system.

RiskSpectrum Doc manages all Fault Tree and  Event Tree model documentation in a structured, searchable, traceable form in a database and can handle all kinds of document file types (Word, Excel, RiskSpectrum Memos, etc.)

Once you have set up links between your model database and the RiskSpectrum Doc document database (which is easy), it is a simple task to update documents when model changes are made using the "changed Links" function helping you find all documents related to a certain item in the model.

Systematic use of References, Keywords and links between documents improve traceability and facilitates documentation update.

Use of Data Tables, MCS Tables, Importance Tables, Data Diagrams, Importance Diagrams and Uncertainty Diagrams makes it possible to quickly produce reports including professionally formatted data directly from the latest version of the PSA Model database. This includes many special types of tables and diagrams which can only be produced otherwise with many hours of manual work.

RiskSpectrum Doc version 1.0, was released January 2010. Contact sales.riskspectrum@lr.org for more information and quotation.

Download RiskSpectrum Doc slide-show (Zipped, requires MS Power Point)